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Do you have any problem or issue with bluetooth drivers? and can't use the bluetooth on your computer? Do you get the message "Bluetooth peripheral device driver not found"?

Look for Bluetooth drivers that are compatible with your PC operating system like: Windows 7, XP, Vista and even for the latest operating system Windows 8. Here there is the solution, the automatic tool for find any updated driver.

Driver update tool for Windows 8, 7, XP & Vista

What is the Bluetooth standard?

Bluetooth is a specification of the telecommunications industry. It uses a technique short distance radio to simplify connections between electronic devices. It was designed to replace cables between computers and printers, scanners, keyboards, mouse, joysticks, video game, DGT Bluetooth, mobile phones, PDAs, systems and kits hands free, car stereos, digital cameras, barcode readers and interactive terminals.
The first devices using the last 4.0 version of this technology appeared in early 2010.

The different versions of Bluetooth are:
     Bluetooth v1.0 and v1.0b ;
     Bluetooth v1.1 standard in 2002 as IEEE 802.15.1-2002 ;
     Bluetooth v1.2 standard in 2005 as IEEE 802.15.1-2005 ;
     Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR, released in 2004;
     Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR , released in 2007 ;
     Bluetooth v3.0 + HS , released in 2009;
     Bluetooth v4.0 , released in 2010.

The basic elements of a Bluetooth product are defined in the first two protocol layers, radio and tape base layer. These layers support material tasks such as monitoring frequency hopping and clock synchronization.

Bluetooth technology is a wireless personal area network son (noted for WPAN Wireless Personal Area Network), that is to say technology networks without son of a limited scope for connecting devices together wirelessly link. Unlike IrDA infrared technology, Bluetooth devices do not require a direct line of sight to communicate, making it more flexible to use and can include a communication from one room to another in small spaces.
The objective is to enable Bluetooth to transmit data or voice between devices with a radio circuit , low cost over a radius of about ten meters to a little less than a hundred yards and with low power consumption.

Thus, the Bluetooth technology is primarily intended to connect among themselves peripherals, computers or personal digital assistants (PDAs), without using link wired. Bluetooth technology is also increasingly used in mobile phones to allow them to communicate with computers or PDAs, and especially with hands-free devices such as Bluetooth headsets. Bluetooth headsets allow to act as advanced features including headphone remote control.

The name Bluetooth refers to the name of Danish King Harald II (910-986), nicknamed Blåtand Harald II ("the blue tooth "), who is credited with the unification of Sweden and Norway as well as the introduction of Christianity in the Scandinavian countries.


Bluetooth provides speeds of about 1 Mbps, corresponding to 1600 exchanges per second full-duplex , with a range of approximately ten meters with a transmitter class II and a little less a hundred meters with a transmitter class I. The Bluetooth standard defines three classes effect of issuers offering different ranges depending on their transmission power.
ACORP, AmbiCom, D-Link, Edimax, Encore, Gigabyte, Iogear, Longshine, Macsense, Microstar, MSI, and SMC drivers.

How install bluetooth drivers

Downloaded the drivers with the software we advised. Then click on to Control Panel, and look for Device Manager icon and click it. Now you see the 'Unknown Device' named 'Bluetooth Peripheral Device' - Right-Click it and click on "Update Driver Software" -Or- anyway you find it easy to bring up the Update driver window. - Click "Browse My Computer for Driver Software" button. - Click "Let Me Pick from a List of Device Drivers on my computer". - Select 'Bluetooth Radio' from the list if it asked you to select and then in the next window, it will show a list of drivers with Company Names in one list and Drivers in another. In the Company List choose 'Microsoft Corporation', not only Microsoft.

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